Support Belgium’s rising star of golf!

It is up to you to put your company in the spotlights around the world, taking advantage of my visibility!

In this new year 2022, a major change has been made concerning the status of amateur golfers. This change concerns the use of the athlete’s name and images for commercial purposes. This change makes it possible, on account of sponsors, to help golf amateur athletes find financial means to continue to practice their sport all over the world (discover the various golf competitions in which I plan to participate this year).

Win-win partnership

My image is very good in the circuit. In addition to my good golfing performances, I enjoy a reputation as a smiling and fair-play golfer, both in Belgium and abroad. These are important values to obtain invitations to the biggest tournaments, and subsequently to become a professional athlete. Thanks to the hard work done by my team and myself, this goal can be achieved! However, this also requires a substantial budget.

Registrations, competitions, travel, accommodation, training (golf, physical, mental), accompaniment by a professional caddy on pro golf tournaments, internships abroad, golf equipment, … result in high costs.

If you would like to be part of my sponsors, we can offer you different partnership programs in order to create a win-win collaboration.

My successes are yours!

Let’s talk about our future collaboration

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of a collaboration? My team and me are happy to provide you more information by phone or via the contact form.

My parents and me warmly thank our current and future partners!


take a look
at our partners

Partner9 Partner9

Delen Private Bank

I am so proud and grateful to be part of the Delen Private Bank team alongside Thomas Detry, Thomas Pieters and Manon De Roey.

Their confidence in me, their experience and their wise advice help me a lot and are an important source of motivation to allow me to move forward serenely in order to join the world of professional golf.

Partner9 Partner9

James Realty

This real estate agency is specialized in the sale and rental of prestigious properties both in Belgium and in other countries. Discretion, professionalism and quality accompaniment are their key words. A huge thank you to Marie Moorkens-Lambert and Philippe Koelman for following me in my project. It will be a great honor for me to carry your banner in Belgium and abroad.

Partner1 Partner1

Royal Belgian Golf Federation

Since my first selection for the national team, at the age of 10 and a half, the Royal Belgian Golf Federation has been an incredible driving force. Thanks to the RBGF, I was able to participate in many tournaments both in Europe and in the United States.
These high-level tournaments allow me to evolve alongside the best golfers in the world. It is a huge honor for me to wear the jacket of our national team every time. It is an immense feeling of pride.

Partner6 Partner6


It is a wonderful club of which I have been a member since a few years ago. The Royal Waterloo Golf Club is located in Walloon Brabant. It is the most renowned club in Belgium. The training and playing facilities are excellent. It is always a pleasure to meet the members, who always have some words of encouragement for me. It’s a bit like my second home!

Partner4 Partner4


I am so proud to be a member of the PXG Troops. I personally use the Gen 5 0311 T irons, I love the idea of being able to change the swingweight of the clubs at will with this removable weight. For woods and 9 degree drivers, Gen 5 0311 also on Diamana TB S shafts. The wedges are Sugar Daddy II 0311 for an incredible feel around the greens.

Partner8 Partner8

Hole in one store

This Belgian brand of golf clothing dresses me from head to toe. I love the slightly stretchy fabric and the durability of the customizable pieces. It is comfortable during the swing. Jackets, polo shirts, sweaters, shorts, pants, etc. The garments are available in many colors and allow me to make endless outfit combinations.

Rue de la station 61A - 1410 Waterloo, Belgium
Mobile: +32 475 59 72 53
Instagram: @holeinonestore

Partner 14 - Medi-Line Partner 14 - Medi-Line - Photo de Chokniti Khongchum provenant de Pexels


Stéphane is a modern business leader. He runs his business like a sports team. That makes sense if you know he is the son of a professional sportsman.

The effort, the training, pushing the boundaries, the importance of good coaching, the confidence and the decision making in the action zone... All of this is his daily routine. Thank you MEDI-LINE, thank you Stéphane for your support!

Partner8 Partner11 Photo de Shiny Diamond provenant de Pexels

Louis Widmer

These are very high-quality skin care products. Who doesn’t know the ‘Beauty Golf Trophy by Louis Widmer’, the biggest women’s golf tournament in Belgium?
Thank you, Giovanni, for making me realize an important thing: one has to take care of oneself. Protecting myself well from the sun and caring for my skin are essential for my future success!

Partner12 Partner12 - walloniev

la Région Wallonne


Partner5 Partner5


The image and development of golf in Wallonia, the initiation of new members, the organization of competitions for juniors to seniors, paragolf, the development of women’s golf and many other things are on a daily basis managed by the ‘Association Francophone de Golf’ (Francophone Golf Association). It is a tremendous driving force behind our sport.

Partner2 Partner2


Like me, Online strives for perfection! Online is the go-to brand in the field of website creation and design. Thanks to this digital agency, you can visit my beautiful website and stay informed about my golf career.

Partner7 Partner7

Golf Convertor

Michael Vanbelle works behind the scenes to help me shine on the course. Always available, listening and caring for me. It's so reassuring to be able to rely on you to play a PXG series that's tuned like a Formula 1.

Thank you Mike for being part of the team and for believing in my project.

Partner12 Partner12 - Secoges


True enthusiasts whose golf values are reflected in the management of their business. Thank you, Serge, Mymy and your partners, for managing the accounting of my small ‘business’.

Partner10 Partner10

GMT Chronographs

Just like golf, watchmaking requires hard work and meticulousness. GMT Chronographs has been the go-to brand for more than ten years. As a Belgian watch brand, GMT Chronographs offers exceptional products with a sporty and elegant look. Since the brand was established in 2010, GMT Chronographs has been designing innovative and high-quality watches of which the techniques are based on aviation and motor sport.

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